Saturday, March 14, 2009

As I sit on the plane waiting for take-off and filling out the information card. I feel a little queasy. There is a missing person but his bag made the plane. So now we are waiting for them to find the bag. I hope the bag is found quickly and I pray the person is ok. Everyone seems real easy going. Judy seems a little anxious. Lord be with her. The airlines found the 2 bags belonging to the person that did not board the plane. I am glad now since the bags could have been left on purpose. And it might not have been a good purpose.

Last night we gathered in our room and we prayed for a good God trip. We are armor bearers for each other. Diane is my prayer partner and she has been fun. I feel like God is surrounding us and we will walk in His covering. Lord in Your name we ask your angels to surround our plane and take us to the mission field safely. I don’t know what to expect. Sometimes different smells can make me sick or trigger my asthma but…I pray my nose won’t react!!

We landed in a rather small airport and had to exit by stairs instead of the ramps like in the US. I stood in line to show my passport and thought of the stories of travelers being pulled over for inspections. I also remembered the words of the lady in charge; “Don’t talk to anyone. Haitians love to touch. Do not be afraid, just move quickly. If asked to have your bag carried firmly reply, “non merci.” The first man that came up to me and said something I just said ‘non merci.’ Then I realized he was being nice and told me I could get a cart for my bags for $1. He worked for the airlines. I felt ignorant. We lined up and walked out in a single file pulling our luggage behind us. Men were lined up beside us constantly yelling out, “help with bag, yes?”

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