Monday, May 25, 2009

Why is there so much poverty?

As we walked back to the compound I just wanted to understand, understand why there is so much poverty. It is nothing they did, for they did not ask to be born into this way of life. I did not ask to born an American but I am so grateful to have been born to wonderful parents in a country where they could start their own business and provide well for their six children. How I wish every parent could provide for their little ones.

I have been writing in my journal holding a small flashlight sitting on the top bunk of the dorm bed I was assigned. The fans are humming and a gentle breeze flows through. And I feel cramped. Shame on me. Tamara and Johanne live in a one room house. The bed Wanda’s class purchased for Tamara is the only thing in the two room house. Johanne when asked if she got the bed, smiled from ear to ear and said yes, yes. Oh what I take for granted.

Before letting Bhen go on his way, we prayed for him to be a bold witness for Christ when he preaches on Sunday; at all times he preaches. Lord, make him a bold witness! Lord please bless Bhen and his family. Thank You Lord for the ways You have moved in my life. I didn’t do anything to be born to Carl and Helen. But WOW! What fantastic parents they are. They clothed me and my 5 siblings. They worked hard on the farm and at building houses. They always took me to church and they taught me how to share. I watched how my mother took food to the family that lived in the woods beyond our house. She never made a big deal about it, in fact, I learned about it when I was a teenager and she needed me to take the food because my little brother was an infant.

The Haitian children see how the missionaries take care of them and they in turn take care of others.

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