Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bhen, our translator and new friend!

January 18, 2008 diary entree...

When we got back to the campgrounds we helped again handing out sponsor gifts. Our group, the Prayers, is made up of hard workers. Linda even with her knee replacement has never complained and keeps up with the younger gals. At the end of the day we were all tired. I couldn’t lift another box or hand out another bag. I went in and took a long shower, making sure I did not touch the top of the shower head so I wouldn’t get electrocuted. That bit of information was given to us in the handbook and then again when we arrived. I kept thinking of the Haitians that were without running water and electricity ~ I am so spoiled!

Before dinner tonight we, Wanda, Diane and Judy R met with our translator, Bhen and the three women who will be helping us tomorrow for the Ladies Day event. It turns out that our helpers are Bhen’s mother, grandmother and good friend. Palmrose, Marsitta and Simone. Palmrose and Simone work in the Pharmacy at Lifeline. I am not sure what they think of us giddy Americans. We were so thrilled to meet Bhen’s family; he is such a wonderful person. Palmrose has ten children; Bhen is the oldest at 30 and her youngest daughter is ten. She also lost one child. That is such a contrast from her mother who gave birth to 17 children and all but three died. Marsitta rejoices now with her 17 grandchildren. All three ladies are such a delight so we should have a good time tomorrow.  Bhen’s wife came up and threw her arms around his neck. She is very pretty and looks so in love. Bhen said they have two small children, a girl and a boy.

At dinner tonight, Ruth Anne asked me if I would sing “Alabaster Box” at the Ladies Day tomorrow. Wanda, when she found out the craft was going to be small bottles filled with perfume to represent the alabaster jar used by Mary in the Bible to anoint the feet of Jesus, told Ruth Anne that I sang that song. She also mentioned that Diane could dramatize it. I had practice it at home because I thought maybe I would sing it for our devotion. It was as if God prepared me and Diane for this very thing.
I’m nervous on one hand but not on the other. I want to bless the Haitian women just as they are going to bless us with their singing tomorrow. When Diane and I practiced it on the roof top, we did ok. Afterwards we prayed and both of us got so choked up. (As I am writing this I am on my top bunk. I looked over at Diane and she is sitting on her top bunk listening to “Alabaster Box” on someone’s iPod. She is moving her arms all around in gestures. I know she wants God to use her in a mighty way! And He will.

Dear Lord, as Diane and I started our day in prayer so I end it in prayer; a thank You prayer. Thank You for taking me out of my comfort zone, out of my little world, out of my small church mind and looking at the big picture of all nations that will one day bow every knew at the name of Jesus.

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